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by Dr. Jordon Harber DDS

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PR-based changelog generator with monorepo support


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PR-based changelog generator with monorepo support


npx lerna-changelog
## Unreleased (2018-05-24)
#### :bug: Bug Fix
* [#198](https://github.com/my-org/my-repo/pull/198) Avoid an infinite loop ([@helpful-hacker](https://github.com/helpful-hacker))
#### :house: Internal
* [#183](https://github.com/my-org/my-repo/pull/183) Standardize error messages ([@careful-coder](https://github.com/careful-coder))
#### Commiters: 2
- Helpful Hacker ([@helpful-hacker](https://github.com/helpful-hacker))
- [@careful-coder](https://github.com/careful-coder)

By default lerna-changelog will show all pull requests that have been merged since the latest tagged commit in the repository. That is however only true for pull requests with certain labels applied. The labels that are supported by default are:

You can also use the --from and --to options to view a different range of pull requests:

npx lerna-changelog --from=v1.0.0 --to=v2.0.0

Monorepo support

If you have a packages folder and your projects in subfolders of that folder lerna-changelog will detect it and include the package names in the changelog for the relevant changes.

GitHub Token

Since lerna-changelog interacts with the GitHub API you may run into rate limiting issues which can be resolved by supplying a "personal access token":

export GITHUB_AUTH="..."

You'll need a personal access token for the GitHub API with the repo scope for private repositories or just public_repo scope for public repositories.


You can configure lerna-changelog in various ways. The easiest way is by adding a changelog key to the package.json file of your project:

// ...
"changelog": {
"labels": {
"feature": "New Feature",
"bug": "Bug Fix"

The supported options are:


lerna-changelog is released under the MIT License.