Announce updates and news to your users

It's changelog.md' mission to make changelogs easy, beautiful and accessible to everyone.

The current state of software visibility is fractured and confusing. With so many 'app stores' across as many devices, it can be an impossible chore to keep up-to-date with app changes and fixes.

As web developers ourselves, there is also no consistent way to share updates for our web-apps with our users. As yet, there is no app store for the web.

We set out to solve this problem by providing two things;

  • A service where developers and companies can publish releases of their software with low effort
  • An easy method for users to subscribe to updates for software they use

Why does changelog.md exist?

In software development, it has been a standard practice for many years to keep changelogs, either explicitly (eg. using a CHANGELOG.MD file) or implicitly (using commit messages).

Those changelogs are locked up in private systems and end-users have no access to them. We want to change that by making changelogs and product-updates publicly accessible.

But nobody is going to use a complicated or badly designed tool to keep a public changelog, so I decided to build changelog.md, to solve all the problems that I had with other tools.

Can I give you feedback?

Yeah! I'd love to get feedback from you!

You can use our Contact form.